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Kiosk branded kiosk and digital signage solutions, and carry out sales and technical service providing. We offer turn-key solutions in your projects. we sell products, Kiosk, Self-Service Payment Terminals, POS PC, Price View, Digital Signage, Interactive Display Stand consists of products such as.Kiosk branded kiosks and self-service terminals, a new product development and design concept, exhibits a progressive approach, we offer superior features.Kiosk products, powerful, modular and functional structures met the needs of not only the hardware not only ready solutions they contain, the firms geliļæ½tirebilmesinin paves the way for effective projects.Kiosk products and solutions in almost all sectors, self-service applications, and includes solutions for automation projects.


After-sales support and technical service needs we meet our expert staff. With our qualified personnel at kiosks provide turnkey installation and assembly service. After sales maintenance and support services, we continue to give support to our customers.


For detailed information about our products can be found at the following websites.