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Operational Leasing and Field Services

Operational leasing is an advanced variation of financial leasing. After the changes in the accounting and tax system in Turkey financial leasing is not exempt from taxes anymore and this is the main reason why solution seekers prefer operational leasing as they can be listed as operational expenses.

In operational leasing by agreement, the maintenance, repair and insurance premiums are paid by the lessor unless the lease states otherwise. Under operational leasing agreements lessee can also ask for technician(s) to operate the leased goods, technicians will be provided by the lessor.

With operational leasing lessee does not have to deal with salvage value calculations in their finances. Since the ownership of the goods is lessorís, the lessor arranges the salvage on their accounting system. To sum it the lessee can write all the leasing expenses under operational expenses and get advantage of tax relieves.

Atlantis Bilisim, with its intensive experience in the industry aims to introduce the client and the products & services under the best conditions. Without having to go through procurement management and related expenses our clients get the advantage of utilizing Atlantis services and technical support experience with their operational leasing agreements. Lease terms could be short or long. Operational leasing services can be onsite, within your premises or on remote locations. Special presentations, celebrations, symposiums, seminars, corporate trainings and in all other event activities, Atlantis operational leasing services provide you with the equipment, installation, maintenance and technical staff to maximize the efficiency and quality of the events.