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Outsourcing and External Resource Utilization

Today's fluctuating economy forces businesses to reduce the total cost of ownership and increase the efficiency with in-house resources. To reach these goals while concentrating and focusing on their main areas of expertise, businesses preferring the outsourcing and consolidation options to manage certain components as Information Technologies and Systems management. Information Systems and Technology industry being a fast paced, rapidly changing, dynamic field that includes many different types of specializations is one of the primary areas that businesses prefer to outsource.

Many small and medium sized business (locally called KOBI businesses) do not employ a IT department and staff. In most cases IT related tasks are conducted by employees from other departments from different fields of expertise. This practice in long term often results in lack of corporate IT policies and strategy to be followed that causes serious business issues that are utterly out of control. Businesses have the option to outsource their IT department responsibilities and duties accordingly with their strategic goals and objectives. Outsourcing and using external resources is a flexible and manageable process that can be set under certain dates and hours.

Benefits of Outsourcing and External Resource Utilization:

  • Specialized IT firms with their expertise and professional perspectives and experiences, can provide the clients insight on the areas which have been overlooked or neglected and intervene immediately to prevent upcoming issues with proactive prevention measures and maximize business efficiency and continuity.
  • Temporary and project based employment
  • Selection and employment of specialist personnel resources are made widely available
  • Operational efficiency, productivity is increased as a result of uninterrupted focus on main business operations.
  • Prevent loss of time and decrease related costs.
  • Ease of project control in means of time, cost and quality.
  • Gather scattered information under one center.
  • With legal agreements the duration of employment is determined and guaranteed.
  • Unsatisfactory performance related issues can be resolved by guaranteed employee replacement.
  • Associated application risks are shared.
  • Costs such as employee overtime and severance pay would be eliminated.
  • Minimizing the risk accordingly with corporate risk management plans requires outsourcing. Despite the visible costs benefits of risk reduction overweighs the costs.