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Disaster Recovery Solutions


Today Information Systems handle very critical tasks thus an interruption can have negative consequences. Severe damages and interruptions on information systems are caused by disasters. Disasters include not only natural ones but also man made, emergency and unusual circumstances.


The disasters generally can be placed in three categories;

  • Natural Disasters
  • Human Errors
  • Hybrid (Both Natural and Human Errors)

The effects of Disaster on a business are as follows;

  • Direct Damage: Disasters can collapse buildings and physically damage and stop Information Systems.
  • Inaccessibility: Damaged buildings may make it unsafe and even impossible to enter the promises.
  • Power Loss: Systems might not be functional due to power outages or blackouts.
  • Transportation Issues: It might not be possible to reach to the system site due to damages on the transportation systems of the city.
  • Communication Outage: Data and voice communication infrastructures could be damaged and due to outages or blackouts systems might not be functional.

The importance of Disaster Recovery comes into play to;

  • Protect assets, records and provisions: In the case of a disaster; data and records in the information systems databases must be protected and in the post-disaster timeframe these data must be made accessible and operational again.
  • Restarting business activities: After the disaster, going back to normal business activities and routines must be ensured.
  • Protection of IT Staff and Human Resources: The operators and maintainers of Information systems are vital for business continuity after a disaster.
  • Continuity of Management: Management functions must continue during the process of going back to the normal state following a disaster.

Atlantis Bilisim provides disaster recovery plans and solutions to power and perfect the business continuity plans of valued clients for the above unpleasant but possible scenarios mentioned above. Atlantis Bilisim can help clients consult, plan, project and implement disaster recovery plans.