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Today the server need of medium and large corporations and businesses is steadily increasing. Before approximately 1 to 3 servers were more than plenty to run the operations however depending on the size and operations of the business the need is usually much more than what it used to be. Now businesses utilize servers for their e-commerce and e-mail systems, web applications, security and corporate applications. Increased number of running servers results in increased costs of; maintenance and support, power, more powerful UPS systems, larger system rooms, cooling and security.

On the other hand when IT managers analyze the servers which do not run intensive application processes, they find out that processor and RAM usage of these systems barely see 20% and notice a waste of technology resources. For the corporations who value efficiency principles it is important to create virtual platforms on fewer physical machines and their servers via the virtualization technologies. There also are available virtualization solutions on the application and user ends.

Main advantages of virtualization are as follows:

  • Efficiency
  • Reliability
  • Manageable IT resources
  • Time and Funds Savings
  • Business continuation
  • Fast backup and recycling options