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Data and Data Storage areas

Archiving and managing all correspondence and e-mail files are a corporate responsibility. Storing and archiving important data in right platforms, prevent unauthorized access and locating the necessary information when needed are important management tasks.

Since computers and servers were introduced into businesses, data storage and data accumulation needs more complex data management efforts. Today corporations must strictly control, monitor and protect their data as security threats and the future complex consequences of unmanaged data can bring overwhelming and hefty extra work load and expenses.

SWhen servers are insufficient increasing the storage capacity or purchasing new servers or making unnecessary investments just because of the data overload, are common practices today. To avoid these situations becoming hectic and out of hand we offer solutions with consultation and project applications on:

  • Physical security of the data
  • Right, feasible storage solutions,
  • Appropriate backup solutions
  • Data flow monitoring and control
  • Securing data against cyber attacks