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Maintenance and Support Agreements

Technological infrastructure is an indispensible component of today’s corporations. When corporations invest and implement the new technologies in fact they only just get start the process. The total process includes the operational phase and life time of the implemented technology. In the operational phase corporations chose to whether create an IT department of their own or make Maintenance and Support Agreements with IT firms and/or outsource these services and use external resources or consultants. Atlantis Bilisim with Maintenance and Support Agreements meet all IT related needs of the clients as a one stop service and solution provider.

Atlantis Bilisim with Maintenance and Support Agreements offers;

  • Inspection and monitoring of System rooms, Computers and Work stations, Servers, Printers, active devices and the rest of the devices utilized in given system
  • Support services on phone
  • Support services onsite
  • Remote support services
  • Increases system efficiency and reliability via periodic maintenances and taking proactive preventative measures
  • Provides written reports and meetings on current IT structure and help them determine their future IT related needs and direction.